Message From Principal’s Desk :

Picture1Bangladesh is one of the densely populated country in the world with a population 150 million. The whole surface area of the country 1,43,570 square km with 965 persons per square km. Health has been recognized as a basic right of every citizen by constitution of the country. Bangladesh has a unique health system starting from MOH&FW in the centre to Health Assistant at grass root level. Despite this only 22% people get coverage from the Government Institutes. Majority of people seek health care from privet sector. So, Privatization of health care service is essential in Bangladesh. But qualitative service remains out of their reach. Because the number of skilled and efficient manpower in private sector is very few govt. has realized this and continuously giving permission to establish new medical colleges in the privet sector. Prime Medical college, Rangpur stared its journey with the permission from the MOH&FW of the People’s republic of Bangladesh. All is for Allah.

Our medical education system is a bit different from other countries. Students are usually admitted after passing of class XII.There are about half a core of students become eligible for medical education each year. On the other hand seat-capacity of government medical colleges only 3000. As a result a large number of students are deprived from medical education each year. This results in economic wastage of country.

There are about 54 private medical colleges in our country. Each medical college has its own academic environment. We think this medical college has a congenial enveronment. As a result we have already established this Medical College and attached 750 bedded Hospital as a centre of excellence keeping its quality, cost and satisfaction of all stakeholders and with great respect to our cultures and values. It has already traversed 5 years by winning these challenges.

All Medical and Surgical Specialties and Sub-specialties are already available here to serve the sick as well as it has a positive learning environment for medical students. A group of experienced teachers are working here to teach the students.

Medical study at times becomes very boring and monotonous. So to keep the spirit of the students high, various sports and cultural activities are held round the year. I would advice the advice the students to benefit from these activities be participating in them. Participating in such activities not only broaden the out look of the students but also make them better human beings.

Please bless for those students who will take care of our future nation’s health.

Prof. Dr. Md. Noor Islam
MBBS;M Phil, FCPS (Medicine)
prime medical College, Rangpur.