Managing Director

Message from Managing Director’s Desk:

MDPrime Medical College has been established in 2008 with object to providing opportunity to the students to groom to excel in medical study. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members and the members of company have been contributing to make the college as a centre of excellence. The motto of the college “ENTER TO LEARN GO FORTH TO SERVE”- conveys this message very clearly & loudly.

To admission seekers students, I would like to say that the path to become a doctor is not easy ride. It takes determination and emphasis. A doctor’s first and foremost responsibility is towards humanity around him/her especially to the less fortunate people of the society. I would like to convey my heartiest wishes to coming students. I am also praying that Almighty God gives them more strength to carry on their medical study and great success.

Abdul Wahab Chowdhury Shopon (Hons)
Managing Director
Prime Medical College & Hospital, Rangpur.