Holiday List 2018

Sl No List of Holidays Description
1. 21st  February (9th Falgun) Shaheed Day & International Mother Language Day
2. 17th  March (3rd Choitro) Birth Day of Father of the Nation Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
3. 26th  March (12th Choitro)) Independence & National Day
4. 14th  April (1st Boishakh) Bangla New Year
5. 29th  April (16th Boishakh) *Buddha Purnima
6. 1st  May (18th Boishakh) May Day
7. 2nd   May (19th Boishakh) *Shab-E-Barat
8. 12th  June (9th Joishtho) *Shab-E-Qadr
9. From 15th  June to 17th  June

(01st  to 03rd Ashar)

*Eid-Ul-Fitr (The Previous day & the Following day of Eid Day) Only for College

Class will remain close from 11/06/18 to 22/06/18= Total 12 days

10. 15th  August (31st Srabon) National Mourning Day
11. From 21th  August to 23th August

(06th  to 08th  Bhadro)

*Eid-Ul-Azha (The Previous day & the Following day of Eid Day)

Class will remain close from 17/08/18 to 26/08/18 = Total 10 days

12. 2nd  September (18th Bhadro) Shuvo Janmastami
13. 21th  September (6th Ashshin) *Muharram ( Holy Ashura)
14. 19th  October (4th Kartik)


Durga puja (Dashsami) For only College.

Class will remain close from 16/10/18 to 20/10/18 = Total 05 days

15. 21th November (7th Agrahayan) *Eid-E-Miladunnobi
16. 16th December (2nd Poush) Victory Day
17. 25th December ( 11th Poush) X-Mas Day ( Birth day of Jesus Crist)

* Subject to appearance on the moon