Department of Physiology

SL Name Educational Qualification Position
1 Prof. Dr. Latifa Afrin Dill NaharProf. MBBS; Mphil Professor & Head of the Department

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2 Dr. Md. Abdul Bari MBBS; MSC(London) Professor

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3 Dr. Mahfuza Pervin MBBS; Mphil Assistant Professor 3
4 Dr. Masuma Begum MBBS; Mphil Assistant Professor Phy-4
5 Dr. Abdus Sattar MBBS Senior Lecturer 4
6 Dr. Suriya Nusrat Islam MBBS Lecturer 5
7 Dr. Mahzerin Khan MBBS Lecturer Phy-7
8 Dr. Suraiya Jabin Jamal MBBS Lecturer


9 Dr. Sajib Kumar Barman MBBS Lecturer