Dept. of Microbiology

SL Name Educational Qualification Position
1 Prof. Dr. Parimal Chandra Sarker MBBS; MPhil (Micro.)

WHO Fellow, Thailand

Academic Director, Prof. & Head of the Department
2 Prof. Dr. Md. Khairuzzaman MBBS; MPhil (Microbiology) Assistant Professor  2
3 Dr. Md. A.K.M. Zulfiqar Islam MBBS; MPhil Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Md. Akheruzzaman MBBS Senior Lecturer 3
5 Dr. Fahmida Binte Hossain MBBS Lecturer micr-5
6 Dr. Md. Maidul Islam MBBS Lecturer  micr-6
7 Dr. Md. Shakilur Rahman MBBS Lecturer  micr-7
8 Dr. Omit Sarker MBBS Lecturer micr-8