Rangpur at a Glance

mapRangpur is one of the 8 divisions of Bangladesh with it’s headquarter at Rangpur. It is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh. This City is 300 kilometers away from capital Dhaka. Rangpur is directly communicated with Dhaka by rail, road & air. The Nearest Airport in Saidpur which is 30 km way from PMC. Rangpur is also well communicated with Kolkata, Katmandu & Thimpu by road, rail & air. The city is one of the oldest town in the northern region of the country. It is a place of old heritage of culture and history. In the British India, it was a part of Assam.

Begum Rokeya (1880-1932), a renowned educationist and writer born in this District. She was a pioneer in those days for her contribution for female education. An Educational & Vocational Centre (Begum Rokeya Kendra) has been established in her birth place (Pairaband, Mithapukur, Rangpur).

Raja Ram Mohon Roy, who struggled for elimination of ‘Satidah Protha’ in Hindu custom, served in Rangpur district as civil servant in the British era and a large club has been established after his name for his contribution in the society.
karaCarmichael College was established by Sir Carmichael and now it is one of the oldest and prestigious educational institute of the country. Recently a public university (Begum Rokeya University) has been established and it is running its academic activities with good reputation.


“Raj Bari” is an old Jaminder House (Residence of the then Maharaja) which is very recently converted into a beautiful museum. A religious leader, Mowlana Keramat Ali (R) (1800-1873) came in this District from his birth place in the Uttar Pradesh, India for preaching of Islam. A mosque (Keramotia Mosque) has been established after his name where many people gather every day to offer prayer.

Late Mr Monajat Uddin (1945-1995), a famous Journalist was born in this District. He was involved in the
publication of many daily and weekly newspapers. There are about a dozens of books written by him. He was honored by several national prizes.

TistaA large and modern centre for recreation (Vinnoya Jagat) has been developed in this District where many  people spend their memorable hours throughout the year. Rangpur, being situated in the northern part of the country and comparatively closer of the Himalayas, the, lowest temperature in winter falls 5 to 6 Degree Celsius and during summer highest temperature becomes 32 to 33 degrees. The climate remain excellent throughout the year with the flavor of 6 (six) seasons of the country.